The Secret to Creating the Most Beautiful and Cool Outfits

The Secret to Creating the Most Beautiful and Cool Outfits

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We believe that understand your style is the way to make your clothes express who you are and make you shine. It also helps to find new ways to wear them so you can create the most pretty and cool outfits for the most different occasions you may want to live.

Here you can find tips on how to get there and have fun with your wardrobe ✨ Our goal is not only help you enjoy your clothes but share with them the most beautiful moments of your life!

But what is style? Basically, the combination of three things:


The things that you find the prettiest, that make your heart smile and make you feel great when you wear it.
Routine, lifestyle, work, transportation, kids? What do you need to bring to your outfits for each one of them?
Something you want to work on to make your look even better or how you want people to see and read you.
Personal style is a lot more about knowing yourself than knowing about fashion. No one is born with a special gift of creating good and authentic outfits, that requires dedication.

Even to understand what we love, need and want, we gotta work. To get to know ourselves we need to first, be curious - to experiment different things, question ourselves, notice how we feel.

Many times we think that style is what the fashion books say, just theory, but self knowledge is movement, we have to try things in order to find what works for us. And then practice that, a lot.

Style is training! And the most stylish people do it every day.


What do you think? Does it make sense?

I'd love to read your opinion below. 

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Juliana Mendes
By Juliana Mendes