Making Poetry

A little bit of our behind the scenes

Our Story

Birdie was born out of the desire to create the clothes of my dreams. Ever since I was very young, I remember having a hard time finding the clothes I wanted. There was always something I wanted to change, a detail I would do differently, a color or fabric that I think would look better.

Luckily, I grew up in a sewing studio, actually two of them. Both of my grandmothers were wonderful seamstresses, so whenever I wanted a special outfit, I would run to them for help. One day, since I was always so interested and full of ideas, my maternal grandmother decided to teach me how to sew. The first pieces were a disaster, but over time, I improved until I could start making the clothes I wanted.

The Idea

I kept developing myself, learning new techniques to create different designs. Whenever I wore something I had made and someone complimented that piece, it was a great pleasure to proudly share that I had created it. People usually responded with enthusiasm and said that if I made them for sale, they would buy them. At first, I thought they were just being polite, but as it kept happening, I started considering if it really was a good idea.

After a while, that little idea blossomed into a dream, and that dream became a brand. And that's how Birdie was born in 2017, and it was a great success! I created several collections, with a focus on skirts, which are my great passion. You can find the whole story lovingly documented on our Instagram. But then, in 2020, I had to take a break, not only because of the pandemic but also because I got married and moved to the USA.

A New Chapter

Since then, I have been adapting to this new country and doing the same with the brand. I took advantage of this time to study a lot and learn even more about sewing techniques, fabrics, and finishes to create even more incredible products. And now, in 2023, I'm ready to introduce this beautiful dream of mine to the world again.

Today, I understand that what I was missing in clothes was poetry and beauty. I wanted feminine, modest yet modern and light pieces, full of charm and elegance. And that's why Birdie exists. It's for all those amazing women out there who, just like me, are searching for a little bit of poetry and beauty not only in their clothes but also in their lives. 

Hope you're one of them!
Love, Ju

The process

Making Poetry

Since the beginning of the brand, all the pieces have been handmade by me, and I am absolutely fascinated with the entire process. I like to think of it as creating poetry because that's exactly how it feels.

Every step and every single item is crafted like the most special thing in the world. It’s a process that takes time, specially because I make one by one, but it’s totally worth it because that's where quality comes from. It's the only way to ensure that each piece of clothing is made with complete attention and care for every little detail. 

So be ready to fall in love with the poetry behind each of our pieces.


Step 1

It's a super fun stage where dreams start to take shape, but also where we face the reality that not everything works out. I carefully select and make sure the clothes fit well, look great, and work for different situations.


Step 2

It may seem simple, but the right materials make all the difference. They set the vibe, hug your body just right, and give the piece its unique look, moves and feel. They're also the key to quality, so I'm always looking for the best.


Step 3

It's the most time-consuming step. It's a super detailed sewing process to ensure that the piece looks stunning inside and out. From French seams to invisible zippers, the finest techniques to deliver the best product possible.


Step 4

If the final touches are poorly done, even a well-made product loses its charm. Neatly ironed seams, trimmed thread ends, well-pressed skirts, and adjusted hems are the details that truly elevate the end result.

our collection

We like pieces that make a statement, but at the same time have clean lines and a minimalist style
to ensure that they are timeless and versatile, perfect for any occasion.

They are made to make you shine, but we don't want you to just have the clothes.
We want you to explore life and create great memories with them.